Landing Page, Squeeze Page, Minisite And Sales Page WordPress Plugin

WP Spire Plugin

The plugin version of WP Spire theme allows you to add a sales pages, landing pages, squeeze pages or minisites to your existing wordpress blog. It almost has all the features of the theme version except it doesn’t have theme options page. Therefore it doesn’t have the functionality mentioned in the theme options page (like front page settings, sidebar settings, etc). If you want to know what the “Theme Options” page has or does, click here.

However, you can still pretty much do a lot with it since it maintains the ability to have different sales page or squeeze page designs in one blog. You don’t have to install a special theme. Any theme will do.

What the WP Spire plugin can do

Just like any other template page, the WP Spire Plugin requires you to upload a special template to your current theme’s directory. This template is what you are going to select if you want to use the WP Spire functionalities.

Although by default, wordpress allows templates on PAGES only, you can also use the WP Spire plugin on posts by installing another plugin. I made a template designed for this plugin also.

All the instructions required to make the plugin work are mentioned in the member’s area. (Though it’s pretty straight forward).

With the WP Spire Plugin, you can attach a sales page to your existing blog and customize the design aspects to almost have the look and feel of your blog, or even better. If you have an exisiting blog, and you like the blog design so much already that installing another theme just for a sales page isn’t the optimal solution for you, then the WP Spire plugin is your best solution. With the WP Spire plugin, you can maintain your main blog and just “plug-in” a sales page or minisite or squeeze page.

If you have a main blog which you installed in a main domain, for example, then you can create a page and transform it into a sales page with the url, for example.

Or if you are collecting subscribers or doing jv’s, and you want to maintain your “brand” in your domain, attaching a squeeze page using the WP Spire plugin allows you to do just that without any hassles of uploading or reuploading multiple files and images. So imagine if you know you are going to create different squeeze pages for different product funnels and you want to maintain your main blog with the brand domain name. If you used other plugins, you only can have one common design for all your pages. But if you use the WP Spire plugin, you can have different, good-looking designs in different pages in which you can also customize the settings.

Note: Any designs you can create using the theme version can also be created using the plugin version.

Now if are you ready to add or attach slick, elegant, or ready-to-go  sales pages, squeeze pages, or landing pages or minisites to your blog or any blog theme using the WP Spire plugin click the button below.

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