WordPress Sales Page, Landing Page, Squeeze Page And Minisite Theme

Update: Version 3 was just released even with more features added!

Create Multiple WordPress Sales Pages, Landing Pages And Squeeze Pages, Each With Different Page Designs,With Totally Customizable Settings, Using Only One Blog, Using Only One Theme!

WordPress Spire – “THE” WordPress Sales Letter Theme

With wordpress spire theme, you can create multestitiple sales letters, optin pages, landing pages, or squeeze pages all in one domain, in different pages or wordpress posts, each having different settings and styles as the other! And if you want to improve certain aspects of your page, you can easily modify it on the fly.

Different Page Designs On Each Page and Post

With WordPress Spire, you’ll be able to create wordpress sales pages, wordpress landing pages, (and even wordpress minisites!), and the best part is you can set different designs on each post and page. You’ll be able to use different page backgrounds on each page, different page widths, different headers and footers, and so on.

You can have a sales page on one post, and a landing page on the other. In fact, you can create multiple sales pages or squeeze pages in one blog installation, and they all can have a different look from each other based on the settings you choose. Imagine, you can have multiple sales page, and you only need to pay for all of them one time.

Moreover, you can trigger specific theme settings on your different posts and pages, like display the post title on some page, or hide the post title on some page; Show the comment block on some page, or hide the comment block on all pages, etc. There’s a lot of page modifications you can play with, and what’s great about it is that you can apply it on a single page or on all of your pages!

Create The Following Pages With WP Spire!

nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image

Create a WordPress sales page with ease. Easily Add a new post and it automatically transforms into a sales letter look – one column page with no distracting outgoing links that a typical blog has. Make your visitor focus on your page rather make him navigate away from those usual blog links.

Create beautiful sales pages and modify certain portions of it to your liking. If you feel you need to make changes to your sales page, all you have to do is edit it in your wordpress admin panel, save it, and done!

Use WordPress Spire’s built in sales page elements! The problem most themes have is that they don’t provide you with some of a sales page graphical items like a guarantee box, or a testimonial box. With wordpress spire, you’re provided with built-in sales page boxes that you can easily insert to your pages without knowing how to code or touching the template files. Add bonus boxes, product boxes, testimonial boxes, guarantee boxes, fast action boxes, and order boxes in a breeze!

Create landing pages built on the wordpress platform. Mimic those classic white background squeeze pages, create an above-the-fold landing page or a one coloumn straight squeeze page. Play with your creativity.

Add the optin box with ease without dealing much of the html code. In fact, you don’t have to since WordPress Spire provides you with a built in optin box you can insert to your page and modify to your liking.

WordPress Spire allows you to customize your sales page and it’s page elements on the fly! Customize the visual aspects of your sales page or landing page, and modify it settings to suit your needs. Plus, you’ll be able to customize the settings inside the pages while you are working on it!

Customize Your Background

Get WP Spire and you’ll have over 12 21 background schemes to choose from. Nice, visually appealing backgrounds.

If that’s not enough, use your own custom background image. Import your background image and give variety to your sales pages. You can totally have a different page look just by changing the background, and with this option to use your own custom background images, you’re assured that you can have a totally different look than the others.

You’ll also be able to create those classic sales pages with a white background, or compose your own background scheme and dictate your own style.

You’ll be able to choose from a selection of nice backgrounds, or you choose to have your own background image. So if you think that a certain niche is more responsive to certain background color, you’ll be able to set your pages and posts to use a background color only. (…and you don’t need to touch the file templates!)

nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image

Customize the background settings under the background-settings box.

Choose to use a background color only. You’ll also be able to use the background color only if you choose to. This way you can recreate those classic white backgound sales pages by toggling the switch use background color only for that page. Set the background to be blue, white, black, your choice.

Background Fixed or Scrolled. Repeat horizantally or vertically. You’ll also be able to set the background attachment setting to be fixed or scrolled as well as be able to set the background-repeat settings. This would be useful when you use your own custom backgrounds.

Customize The Page Settings

Increase, decrease page width. Create those above-the-fold squeeze pages by increasing the page width, or use a one column page structure for your squeeze page. Either way, you’ll be able to adjust the settings even after you’ve created the page.

Adjust the post content padding. Make your content body narrower by increasing the text padding, or you can also decrease the padding from the page edges to the content body.

Change the page border color. Change the page border color to match your page style and design. You can also change the page border width and border thickness.

Ever want to create landing pages with no page borders? Not a problem. Simply hide the page border on that page in one click.

nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image

There’s also a one click override checkbox so that you don’t have to keep deleting your entries everytime. So if you changed the width size and border color, and later on decided you want to use the default instead, simply click the checkbox and it will revert to the theme’s default settings. And later on again, you decided you actually wanted to use your previous setting, simply untick the box again!

Page Header

Why create wordpress sales page and landing pages, when you can totally create a wordpress minisite? With wordpress Spire , you’ll be able to use your custom header images to your pages to be able create wordpress minisites.

Header height and width. You’ll be able to set the header width and height.

Header border. You can also add a border around the header and set what color, thickness or style it would have.

For finer adjustments, you can also adjust the top header spacing and also bottom header space to separate the it from the content body and create a totally different minisite.


Use A Header Text?

In case you would like to use some header text, there’s a setting box just for that.

header text

You can set the header text font, color, size and alignment.

You can also adjust the padding for finer details.

You can even “Embed” or put the header text within your header image!

Use A Favicon

WordPress Spire allows you to use different favicons per page. So if you have a totally different product on one side of your blog, and another totally different product in the other side, you can specify favicons for each page.

Or if you want, you can set a global favicon for all pages you create that doesn’t yet have a favicon.

Add A Footer Image

  • Add a footer image to complete your minisite, then set the height and width.

Add Footer Content And Text Links

  • You’ll also be able to insert text within the footer image. So if you want to embed like your site name in your footer, you can easily do that.
  • You’ll be able to adjust the text settings als0, as well as the spacing of the text from the content body, allowing you to adjust the finer details and produce a much cleaner look.

Sales pages have these footer links either pointing to the privacy page, disclaimer page, terms page, faq page, pricing page, member login link, etc. But what if you have a different sales page on your blog and you don’t want the same links to be shown at the bottom of your page?

What do you do? Simple. You hide the footer links for that page, or you either create the page’s own footer links!

In each page, you can add footer content, be it a text content or link, for that page only. This way several of your page can contain the same footer links (like the same privacy page) or you can more links for that specific page.

Display footer links

Display footer links

Arrow Right
Show different footer links per page

Show different footer links per page

Or totally hide the footer links

Or totally hide the footer links

You can create a privacy page and the page link automatically goes to the footer since any page you create will be displayed in the footer.

Moreover, any links you create in your links dashboard will be displayed in the footer.

And remember, you can totally hide them in certain pages by simplying toggling the global footer links on or off.


No Messy Code To Deal With

WordPress spire provides you with graphical sales page elements that you can easily add to your posts without using the raw html code. Graphical sales page elements like the optin box, testimonial box, order box etc. There’s a great disadvantage of using the raw html code in a wordpress post and that is wordpress would sometimes strip the code when you switch between the visual and html view and often times it totally destroys the formatting and structure of your post. You don’t want that. That’s why WP Spire uses wordpress short codes to make your work area much more cleaner and user-friendly.

You see if you are not familiar with html, what you might not know is that you’ll still need to code these graphical boxes to look the way it looks so that the images don’t get disaligned or that they are positioned properly. Sometimes, it won’t come out as you want it to be.

That’s one reason why I created this built-in graphical boxes and made a truly simple way for you to insert your other products, bonuses, etc. You’ll be simply using what is called wordpress short codes to produce a much cleaner and easier way to wrap your content on.

For example: If you were going to use the bonus box graphic normally, this is how the html code you need to produce looks like:

HTML version of the graphical bonus box

HTML version of the graphical bonus box

But if you were going to use WP Spire’s built in short codes, the equivalent would only be:

Using WP Spire's Built in graphical box short code

Using WP Spire's Built in graphical box short code

Look at the difference. Look how cleaner it is. That’s how your work area would look like when you use the built in short codes. Oh, and you won’t have to worry about wordpress’ stripping some tags when you switch between the visual view and html view and destroying the formatting. Using shortcodes gives you a nicer working environment and you can work using the visual mode in wordpress.

Inserting An Optin Box Made Easy

Insert the classic dashed optin box without dealing with the complicated code. By using WordPress Spire theme, you’re provided with the optin box short code, just like the other elements.

One of the biggest drawbacks of other themes you might find is that it doesn’t provide you with a built-in optin box. If they do have a built-in optin box, you’ll have to switch to the code view to paste your code (and might sometimes strip some code when you switch between html view and visual view or when save your work). Moreover, the settings are not customizable!

If you use WP Spire, you’ll notice that you’ll be able to insert the optin box to your posts and pages, and be able to customize the width, the border style color and thickness and the optin box background color!

nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image

Again, you’ll only need to use the shortcodes (you don’t need to copy paste the html optin box code!).

Plus, there’s a nifty little settings-box for the optin box so you can change the optin box’s styling.

Change the optin box attributes. Change the optin box background color, border style, and padding.

By using the built in optin box, you can create an optin box for your landing pages without destroying your page’s content unlike if you copy paste the raw html code, sometimes wordpress strips some html tags when you save your work or switch between the visual and html view.

That’s why using the built-in optin box, you don’t have to deal with this problem and you still can change the visual elements of the optin box.

Built In Graphical Boxe Templates For Your Sales Page

Add over 6 built-in graphical boxes in your sales pages. Add bonus boxes, product boxes, testimonial boxes, guarantee boxes, optin boxes, fast action boxes to your sales pages without having to code these box templates.

What are these boxes?

If you’re offering a product with multiple “Bonuses” on it you can emphasize them by enclosing them in the bonus box template.

If you offer multiple products aside from your main product, you can use the product boxes.

If you wanted to add some testimonials on your page, you can simply insert the testimonial box short code and it wraps testimonal content around the testimonial box template.

Oh, and you won’t have to deal with the coding structure of these graphical boxe templates since they are built-in and all you have to do is use short codes. The shortcode for the product box look like this:

Use the build shortcode to add the graphical boxes

Use the build shortcode to add the graphical boxes

Using the shortcodes, you’ll eliminate the annoying wordpress stripping the html code, plus it produces a much cleaner look of your editor box. Now you can insert testimonial boxes, add product boxes, bonus boxes and more without going through the code!

Insert Bonus Boxes,  Product Boxes and more!

Insert Bonus Boxes, Module Boxes and more!

Insert Testimonial Boxes, Fast Action Boxes, Guarantee Boxes!

Insert Testimonial Boxes, Fast Action Boxes, Guarantee Boxes!

Use any of the 6 built-in sales page graphical boxes, plust 2 generic version of the boxes.

Offer multiple products by enclosing them in the product box

Offer multiple products by enclosing them in the product box

Offer multiple bonuses and use the Bonus Boxes

Offer multiple bonuses and use the built-in Bonus Box template

Insert testimonial boxes for our testimonials

Insert testimonial boxes for your testimonials

Insert the optin box for your optin pages

Insert the optin box for your optin pages

Insert the guarantee box graphic for your guarantees

Insert the guarantee box graphic for your guarantees

Insert Fast-action boxes for your offers

Insert Fast-action boxes for your offers

Expand the box usage!

What if you don’t want to use the pre-defined box titles? What if you just want to emphasize some text and use the box graphic without the box titles? Well, you can also freely use the box graphics without the header title like this:

Box with no header title

Box with no header title

This way if you want a quick emphasis box, you could use the bigbox without the header titles for your content.

HTML done for you. The html structure of these graphical boxes have already been precoded for you, so you don’t have to think about the code. You don’t have to mess with html or worry about if your bonus boxes or testimonial boxes are properly aligned or not. What you just need to do is use the shortcodes and enter your content between them. Plus, you can expand the box by using your custom title for your custom big box.

Ability to change the box titles. This means that if you want the box title to say “Get The Following Bonuses, Too” instead of the pre-defined bonus, there is a mechanism for it to allow you to insert your own box header titles.

Insert The Order Box

WP Spire also provides you with a built-in order box. You won’t need to recreate the html code also, but instead use only the orderbox short code to insert the order box.

Change the background color. You can change the background color of your order box if you don’t want to use the default gradient background, although it looks nice =) . But you might want to change the background color of the orderbox to white, for example, if your order button has a white backdrop that’s why the ability to change the orderbox’s backagound color becomes useful.

Adjust the orderbox width. Adjust the order box if you think it’s too wide or too narrow for your the content inside it. If you have a large order now button, you can increase the orderbox width so it doesn’t span out box.

Change the border style. You can also change the border style of the orderbox if you don’t want to use the default dashed box.

Modify The Post title

WP Spire also allows you to customize the post title. Make the post title the headline, or make it into a pre-headline, or make it into a normal post title. Either way, you don’t need to bother much because you can easily change the post title’s font color, size and font family to match your usage. In fact, you can completely hide the post title on specific pages.

Show the post title in each page

Show the post title in each page

Arrow Right
And change the post title settings in each page

And change the post title settings in each page

Toggle the post title

Toggle the post title

Arrow Right
Hide the post title

Hide the post title

Post titles are important as they are what’s displayed on search engine results. Plus, the post titles are the ones that appear on your RSS feeds, or when you submit them to an RSS directory.

That’s why I made it possible for you to customize the post title since others want to use it as a headline and others might have other uses for them.

Hide the post title. If you feel that the post title doesn’t look good along with your sales copy, simply toggle the hide-post-title checkbox.

Customize post title settings. Of course, you can change the post title look. In cases when you want it to be a pre-head, or maybe a headline, you can totally customize it’s font size to create that giant red headline if you want.

Show Or Hide The Comments

Why leave out the comment block? Other themes do, but with WP Spire, you can allow the comment block to be shown or be totally hidden – this includes post with comments in them. If you just uncheck the “Allow comments on this post” box in wordpress even if there are already comments, the comment block will still show the previous comments. That means there would be links from the comment authors and if you want to delete them, you have to it one by one. Think about if you generated lots of comments and want to “temporarily” hide them for the moment? You don’t want to totally delete them, but just make them hidden – with WP Spire, you can totally hide the comment block completely.

Utilize the comments. Think about you can make the comment block a testimonial block, or you can engage customers and visitors in a prelaunch of your product when you allow them to comment on your pre-launch page.

Modify the comment settings

Modify the comment settings

Disable live author links. One thing you’ll want to do though, if you allow comments, is to make visitors focus on YOUR site. But with the default comments, the author names are linked to some site made by the commenter. With WP Spire, you can disable the live author links so that visitors don’t click on outgoing links other than your site links. Now you’re assured that visitors go to your site and take your desired action.

Change the comment headings. To make the most of wordpress’ comment system, you can change the default comment text head that says “Add Comments” to anything you want. This is a great feature if for example, you want to use the comments into a “Read What Others Have To Say” testimonial block, therefore, you want the text head to say “Submit Your Testimonials” instead of the default “Add your comments”. That way your customers know that they can easily submit their testimonials and all you have to do is approve/unapprove them in the admin panel.

Hide the comment date (NEW). Want to hide the comment date? No problem. Simply check the Hide Comment Date box.

Choose The Front Page And Customize The Front Page Settings

You can choose what post to show in your front page. Other themes only allow you to choose a PAGE to show on the home page. However, that’s already made possible by wordpress itself. With WP Spire, it allows you choose not only what page to show, but also it allows you to select a specific post to display on the front page. Moreover, you’ll also be able to show the comment block of that post when you set it on the front page.

Set a category to be shown on the front page. You’ll also be able to choose to display a post or posts on a specific category on the front page. This is good if you want to do a series of posts that are “connected”, thereby giving the impression that they are blog posts and be more accessible in RSS feeds, or in the search engines.

Choose to show the post meta on the front page.

Set the front page’s post title font style, color, and font family, or choose to hide it.

Add Top Links

Add a set of links in a certain category created in your links dashboard, at the top of the page. This is useful when you create a “Member Login” link, for example.

Add Some Extra Footer Code

What’s this extra for? With the extra footer code, you can insert different analytics codes or tracking codes in the footer on specific pages. This extra footer code will then appear before the body tag for that page only. This might be useful if you want to track different pages of your site and your tracking software allows tracking per page.

Display Or Hide The Sidebar

Why hide the sidebar? Well you don’t want the visitor to be distracted with other links, that’s why. But what if you wanted to create articles to “feed” to your main site? What if you wanted to use articles with keyword rich content so that your blog ranks high on the search engines and search engines have a reason to index your site for specific keywords?

Show sidebar on selected post. With WP Spire , you can choose display the sidebar on selected posts, or selected categories. WP Spire is a sales page theme first, rather a blog theme. But I included this sidebar option for reasons when you want to submit posts related to your main page product, to RSS feeds and make rich post titles. This might be a great idea if you want to write articles for SEO purposes, and you’ll want to display the sidebar to display “Articles”, “Get It Now”, etc.

Hide the sidebar completely. Remember, you can also hide the sidebar on all pages completely. Plus, with wordpress plugins, you can customize what the visitor sees on the sidebar and hide unwanted pages or post.

Post Footer

What’s a post footer? A post footer is the content you want to add at the end of each post. This could be useful for example, if you want to add some last words after each post and you don’t want to open up each post and add them in, you’ll simply want to enter the text you want to be seen in posts, in the the post footer box. A great example of using this would be to add a buy now link on the post footer.

If you added some articles for you site, and a visitor happens to stumble on that article in your site, then after reading your post, he would see the post footer which could be a buy now button or something that says “Discover more secrets of losing weight. Click here for more info”. That line or could be a buy now button points back to your sales page and can be added on each of your post, or post which you specified without having to add them individually on the page editor.

So if you’ve noticed, there’s already a ton of customizable options you can set for your pages so that you can give each your own taste. You will be able to change the visual aspects of your page to make your wordpress pages look like sales pages, landing pages or squeeze pages. That’s the power of this theme. It allows you to create classic minimalistic sales page to eye-popping, elegant pages. With your creativity, you might be able to create almost any kind of sales page or squeeze page design you can think of.

Even Create WordPress Minisites!

But why stop from there? Because of the flexibility of WordPress Spire, you can add your custom headers, and turn your normal looking blog into wordpress minisites!

Add Your Custom Headers.

Sample Minisite. Add Your Custom Headers

salespage workathome

Beautiful Sales Page Minisites with wordpress

Create minisites, insert your custom headers!

Create minisites, insert your custom headers!

In fact, you might even be able to port your html minisites to wordpress using the WP Spire theme! There’s a header setting box, a footer setting box, and you can totally customize the page width and dimension. It sounds like porting your static html sites to wordpress is a possibility.

The above samples are from the default theme schemes. I just uploaded a header I have and tweaked the header settings in the editor screen. And voila, it looks like a minisite already. Oh, with this theme, I also included some blank headers with the appropriate width and height dimensions just in case you want to create your own.

Customize The Settings While Working On The Pages

Customize the design settings of your page within the page editor screen while you are working on it. This means you don’t have to go back and forth on some page if you want to customize or make changes to that page while you work on it. The different settings box are shown with the editor screen so it’s easier for you to customize and modify the settings while you are currently on the same screen.

Apply The Design Settings On All Of Your Posts!

nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image nivo slider image

The theme version of Wp Spire comes  with a Theme Options page where you can apply settings on a global scale. Meaning, you can assign a common header for all of your pages, or post. You can assign a common footer for all your pages or post. You can set a global typography or font style on all of your created or future posts.

This means if you want to have “global” design or page, you can set the design settings in this theme options panel and you don’t have to set them over and over again in your future posts. So if you have a “main page” with your product header, and later you decided to add some articles but maintain the header to brand that page or such, simply assign a global header so that all your pages will use that header.

Now, what if you just want *some* of your post to use the header? Or what if you only want that your pages follow the same header, but with different page typography? Or have a similar typography but different backgrounds? Not a problem.

WP Spire has the ability to exempt specific posts or pages from following the global design settings you set. You can even switch that setting on or off temporarily.


The theme options page has a nice interface, too!

The theme options page is also where you set your sidebar settings, front page settings, post footer settings, global favicon, top menu links and global comment settings.

Now that’s some more features and functionalities added to an already robust theme!

But It’s Not The Order Form Yet, There’s Even More!

(Let me truly make it your money’s and time’s worth)

Included Built In Themes!

WP Spire not only offers the flexibility for you to create different sales pages and squeeze pages on your blog yourself, but it also includes built-in “themes” that gives you almost a one-click blog transformation. These “themes” have their own attributes and settings already pre-set so that you don’t have to set them yourself. What’s even great is that you can just click on them, and select from the different color schemes from a drop down menu. You don’t have to set the page dimensions, header, footer images, or such, as these are already pre-set themes.

So if you want to set up or add a wordpress sales page immediately “on the go”, simply select one of the themes and it can transform your page into a sales page or squeeze page look instantly.


Transform Your Page Into Stunning, Eye-Catchy Squeeze Pages At A Click Of A Button!

wp squeeze page template wp-squeeze-page2
wp-squeeze-page wordpress-squeeze-pages
wordpress-landing-pages-3 wordpress-landing-pages-2


WP Spire includes these attention-grabbing squeeze pages that you can simply select from the “Themes” box and it transforms your ordinary looking blog, into an eye-catchy squeeze page. You’ll be able to add multiple squeeze pages on your blog, each having different designs based on the settings you choose.


You can even change the color scheme from the drop down selections. Moreover, you can even upload your own custom header titles in case you don’t want the default “Claim Your Download Now”.

You’ll also be able to use a blank squeeze page header in case you want to insert your own header text.

This built-in squeeze page theme itself , could have been sold as a separate template package in its own, but I included this in this package to give you the best value for your money. Plus, it shows you how almost any squeeze page could be created using this theme.

That’s not all though. I also included two more graphical optin boxes that go along with the squeeze page (or any other page designs). I know, there was already a mention of an optin box previously, but I added the 2 more.

Select the color scheme of the optin box from a drop down menu.

Plus you’ll only need to use shortcodes to use the optin box graphics instead of pasting some long html code.

Want More?

Aside from the squeeze page theme, WP Spire also includes a Light Background theme and a Rounded corner theme so you can create pages like these:

wp-salespage wordpress-salespage
wordpress-sales-letter-2 wordpress-sales-letter

The rounded corner theme has, as the name suggests, rounded corners but with a backdrop shadow and color.

The Light Background theme has a light, clean feel to it. The typography settings of this theme is also preset so you don’t have to think of what font looks good with this theme or such.

These “built-in” themes are great if you don’t want to think about the page design, or what kind of sales page you want to create, but simply want to setup a “quick” sales page without having to go through each of the settings.

But don’t forget, these are just the built-in themes!

Don’t forget that you can customize your own look and feel for your site when you want to!

You can almost customize every aspect needed on a sales page or squeeze page. Imagine the amount of the pages you can create with  flexibility, and the customizability of the theme in ONE blog!

Create different wordpress squeeze pages!


You’ll be able to create hundreds of sales page, landing page, squeeze page or minisite style you can imagine using wordpress. You can create sales pages from those classic minimalistic look, to extravagant high impact minisites. You can play and tinker with the settings and if you find that one aspect doesn’t suit you, you can change it on the fly, instantly.

You can control your created pages in one admin panel, modify them, make tweaks and changes without opening up an ftp application or downloading various html editors. You only need wordpress, and with wordpress you are given a great platform to work with.

Update! With version 3, a new feature was added called Quickmode!

With Quickmode, all you have to do to create layouted pages is just “fill in the blanks”!

Now to create pages quickly, and cut down time styling the headline font, color, size, etc. you now only need to type in your headline in the headline box!

For your optin code, you now only need to paste your form code in a “optin code” box, and all the styling of the box, fields widths, optin headline styling are taken care of!

You can now insert your uploaded video on a video box, and based on the template chose, it will be automatically resized!

Inserting an ecover is done by just clicking the “Browse/Upload” button to upload your ecover to your server and automatically pasting the url in the ecover text box.

With quickmode, you can select from over 13 different pre-layout templates! From having the optin box on the top right, to having the video and optin box side by side, just fill in the blanks under the Quickmode box to produce your page immediately without layouting them manually yourself!

Also, with the new quick mode, you can:

  • Choose from over 14 arrow stickies to display in your page.
  • Switch position between page elements like the ecover and content area, or ecover and the video. Though there are pre-layouted templates and each element like the video is positioned in a certain area of the page, I still have given you the option to interchange them within the page!
  • Change the design and style settings! What WP Spire does is allow you to customize the look and feel of your page. So after you have selected a template in Quickmode, inserted your headline, video, ecover or whatever, you can still further customize their styling! I have made Quickmode a quicker way for you to create your squeeze pages without you needing to worry about the styling. But what if you wanted to customize them later? With Quickmode’s advanced settings, you can!
  • Toggle the advanced settings to change the headline font style yourself. Change the optin box style, use image submit buttons, or change the over all page design!

But why wordpress?

It seems that the trend is that once you have worked with wordpress, you fall in love with it! But aside from that, let me spell out a few reasons why you might want to use wordpress.

You’ll work on one administration panel. You’ll save a lot of time modifiying or making quick changes to your sites if you are working on one admin panel. What’s even great is that when you make changes, it gets saved and published automatically. Compare it to working on your sites using html and ftp. Imagine if you wanted to change some tiny portion of text inside a page. You’ll have to download that file again, open it up on an html editing program and reupload it again. With wordpress, all you have to do is choose that page from the list of post and pages and click edit. Once you hit save, it saves your changes and it’s live again.

Plugins. This is one big reason I love to use wordpress. The plugins! Plugins are great as they can totally change the look, feel of your blog, and it can add more functions to it. Plugins could be the sole reason why somebody would want to use the wordpress system. A plugin can truly cut your time in adding some enhancements to you blog. You could install a statistics plugin easily to know how many visitors you got each day to you site. You could make your site search engine friendly by installing SEO plugins like Platinum SEO pack or All in one SEO pack. And note, these are free and you’ll be able to search them in the plugin database.

Want to add a youtube video on your landing page? Install the Viper’s quick tags plugin and you could insert videos easily from various video sites. If you were working on raw html sites, imagine how much effort you’ll need to install some site enhancing script or tool. You might have to create a database for it, add a user, use ftp, etc. But if you’ll use a wordpress plugin, you don’t need to deal with those techie pre-requisites as they get automatically created during plugin activation. Plus, if you’ll not find something you want already built in in the wordpress platform, most of the time, you’ll find a plugin readily available for you to use.

Search Engine Love. There’s a lot of say that google loves wordpress. People report that their site gets indexed much faster using wordpress compared to their html sites. If you’re using wordpress, you’ll also be able to  enjoy these benefits. Plus wordpress generates your rss url (without building it from scratch) which you can immediately submit to RSS feeds.

WordPress is getting better. WordPress gets constantly updated with bug fixes and enhancements. You’ll enjoy new enhancements every time a new version is released, making your wordpress system a much more robust and powerful system. Because it gets updated, new features are constantly being added. For example, recently, the browser plugin installer was added inside the wordpress admin panel. This one is such a beauty as it gives you ease and saves you a lot of time installing or adding plugins to your blog. Now you can install plugins within your admin panel without leaving your site. Another one great enhancement is the new Add New Theme feature which makes theme installation a breeze.

Nice interface to work on. WordPress offers you a great interface to work on. You can view the recent posts you created, categorize, sort them, tag them, find specific text on them and more! You’ll find dashboards for your posts, links, categories, pages, plugins you installed, settings for your blog, and etc.

If you wanted to change a “Link title” for example in your footer, and you knew you have a lot of pages, with wordpress “Links Dashboard” you can make the changes there and that link title gets updated on all your posts! If for example, you wanted to change a “category” name, you can find the list of categories and number of post on that category on the links dashboard, and make changes to it there. And changes are dynamic. Once you’ve modified the name, it changes for all post. If you wanted to change a post title, simply click on it on the Post Dashboard, save it, and you’re done! Imagine how you would do all these things in raw html sites. If you wanted to change the post title, you’ll have to login an ftp application and navigate your way through it to make the changes. If you wanted to change some link in your page, or a couple of pages, you’ll have to them one by one. Moreover, some functionalities are not even available if you use raw html sites.

Editor Screen Ease. The editor screen makes it easier for you to create your sales pages, landing page or posts. If you want to add an image for example inside your sales page, you can do it within a click of a button. What’s also great about the image you inserted is that it also gets stored in your wp system for future use. Want to make text bigger, smaller, change it color? Highlight it and click a button. You could also assign categories and tags on the editor screen by simply ticking checkboxes or inputting them on the panel boxes. And, with WordPress Spire, more functionalities are made available to you in the editor screen. You could change the background, add an optin box without heavy coding, select backgrounds from a drop down list, specify optin box settings from a panel box, etc. All done in the editor screen, while you are working on your post. Plus, hit the update button to automatically save your changes without you having to opening other ftp applications and reuploading them again.

Big community. Everytime you encounter some problems, you can do a search and you might find that similar problem being solved by some fellow wordpress user. In fact, you’ll find lots of threads in forums related to wordpress and almost all threads are being answered. That shows how wordpress is such a popular system and the more popular it is, the greater chance for you to get your problems solved, or wants met. If you want something enhanced or wanted to add some functionality to your blog, you might find a plugin for it, or might stumble a posts on it. The wordpress community is great!

Now what’s left for me to say? You’ve just discovered how wordpress is great and how WP Spire takes it to the next level. You’ve seen the theme capabilities, the different page designs you can create, the built in themes and all. WP Spire is one of my best works and as such, I’ll even give you a guarantee because I’m that confident.

I’m confident that you will like this theme. I’ve work hard on it make it the best there is. But if for some reason you are not completely satisfied with it, simply send me an email and I’ll refund your purchase. No hassles.

You might have stumbled across some sales pages and decide you want to recreate that. With WP Spire, you are provided with the needed structure already. You can just fill in the blanks. Or you might be thinking of creating a sales page and you’re thinking “Do I have a template for that in my hard drive?” Or you read an ebook and it mentions you need a “squeeze page” or “landing page”. Or you created a product and realize you want a quick sales page for it. Now the Question is: What template could you immediately grab? What template could you feel confident about knowing that it could do the job you want and you know you can easily deploy it immediately on the web and if changes are [cuneed you can modify it in a breeze and don’t have to reupload different files again?

Answer: It’s the WP Spire Theme!

Get it now and engage yourself with it! It’s worth it.

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Dude… your plugin is the BOMB!!! End of story.

Seriously – this does everything I’ve been trying to accomplish for over a year! Great Job!!! I will be recommending WP Spire to all my valued CartFreak clients. Please keep me updated on any new products you create.


Joe Lavery – Co-Founder
The Super-Human Shopping Cart


You have ROCKED my SOCKS dude!

Came on recommendation from Joe Lavery, if he says something is “ninja” then it’s NINJA!

I’m too in love with Thesis as a theme though, so I chose the plug-in version. That way I get the best of both worlds, my fave theme and a plug-in to help me make more money from my blog.

It’s just an estimate right now, but I’m very positive that your plug-in will play a major part in earning well into then 10′s of thousands for my blog this year. We already sell quite a bit so this will just add a shot of steroids to our sales stats.

Now hurry up and make something else cool so I can buy it too!

Go Bigger,
Justin Brooke
Internet Mad Scientist

I really love this theme. It is exactly what I needed.

Greetings John,

I really love this theme. It is exactly what I needed. I was sick and tire of struggling with WordPress in an attempt to have squeeze pages and landing pages. Yes folks, with this you can have landing pages that actually work. I am pretty savvy with internet websites but WordPress has a way of sending me to the “Looney Bin!” Your theme is a godsend for sure. Thanks so much.

Glen Wayne

I just wanted to write to say how much I have benefited from WPSpire and the outstanding support I have received from John.

Firstly, WpSpire makes creating great looking landing pages and sales pages a complete doddle. Never has it been so simple.

Secondly, I ran into a problem with my blog (in the end it was my programmer’s fault and not the software!).

John could have easily said that it wasn’t his issue. Rather, he was an incredible help and gave the advice that solved the problem.

John, your support is a cut above the rest. Period.

Anyone who is having a problem creating great looking landing /squeeze pages MUST get hold of the WPSpire plugin.



Highly recommended!

Love your plugin! I’ve been hoping someone would create exactly what you did.

Not only does the plugin do everything that I wanted, your tutorials were so helpful in allowing me to create what I needed.

Highly recommended!

-Philip Cordova

I had purchased another very popular theme about a year ago that helped me somewhat… but your product blows it away. Really.

Hey John,

Congratulations! WordPress Spire is out of sight! It really opens up doors for what I can do on my website.

I had purchased another very popular theme about a year ago that helped me somewhat… but your product blows it away. Really.

WP Spire really makes WordPress into a website building tool, rather than a tool that you feel you have to “manipulate” to make a site with.

I just love that each and every page can have it’s own design, comments (or not)… everything. I predict that within a year, this will be the top selling WP theme (if it isn’t already).

Great customer service, too. You answered both my email within a day.

Keep up the good work!

Bob Dorris


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If you think about it, wouldn’t you be setting up a sales page or squeeze page anyway today or in the future? Wouldn’t you be exploring different marketing strategies where you know you need a sales page or squeeze page for it.  Why not get this theme where you can modify, adjust or customize almost each setting of your page? You’ll be paying for it only one time, and you’ll be using it forever.


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